VG Consult

Every businessman aims to invest his capital safely but while working in an unknown market with unknown clients certain doubts about safety of the capital often take place. That’s why a company, which can arrange qualified consultations not only on economic and juridical issues but also make an expert review (audit) of computer and communication nets.

Our company specializes on consultations for Lithuanian and foreign firms intending to work or working in the Eastern markets in the spheres pointed in the list of services. The company arranges specific consultations and does specific tasks according to individual clients’ orders and requirements. One of the major specializations, which is considered to be innovative in the market, is creation of ESS (economical security system).

In the nearest future we are going to arrange a new service in the Eastern countries, i.e. “virtual bureau”. The detailed description of this service is presented below. Our company’s specialists are experts having academic degrees in concrete specific spheres also great experience of work with Western as well as with Eastern clients. The company’s activity is based on academic knowledge used in practice.

Yours faithfully,

VG Consult staff