We provide professional services in the following areas:

Juridical services:

  1. Juridical documents preparing.
  2. Analysis of companies’ juridical records’ correspondence to juridical acts of the Lithuanian Republic and arrangement of offers.
  3. Arrangement of responses to official government and administration institutions.
  4. Arrangement of confidentiality agreements according to taken positions.
  5. Other juridical services.

Special services connected with analysis of electronic nets and installations:

  1. SI (service installation) infrastructure audit
  2. Local net
  3. IT safety: analysis of active mechanism of the net
  4. Global net
  5. Firewall analysis
  6. Server mechanism
  7. Server portals scanning
  8. Vulnerability scanning
  9. Personal computers
  10. Antivirus system audit
  11. Update system audit
  12. PI infrastructure audit
  13. Server operating systems
  14. PC operating systems
  15. Infrastructural servers (DHCP, DNS, WINS and others)
  16. Archiving
  17. Infrastructure applications audit
  18. E-mail server audit
  19. WEB server audit
  20. Other infrastructures’ servers audit
  21. Reports
  22. Application programs audit

Services connected with information collecting and analyzing:

  1. Searching sources of information required by a client, its collecting and analysis.
  2. Selecting methods for information required by a client analyzing
  3. Consultations and advice on issues of information analysis
  4. Examination of persons’ and bodies’ credibility
  5. Forecasting of persons’ and bodies’ credibility. Forecasting methods selecting.
  6. Mines of information leakage searching and removing.
  7. Methods and security remedies, which can protect clients’ interests from information leakage, selecting and application.
  8. Consultations and practical assistance preparing for international contests (NATO, EU and others) including forms and questionnaires filling on the purpose to win the contests announced by the mentioned organizations.
  9. Preconceived analysis of information, which can impact a client’s interests (a company’s work) badly.
  10. Exploration and prevention of other possible bad influence of other subjects of economy.
  11. Control and prevention of other subjects of economy intentions to influence a company’s strategy and administration (employees).
  12. Consultations on stuff policy, fluctuation and other issues.
  13. Exploration and prevention of intentions to get special information (for example, which is supposed to be a commercial secret).
  14. Assessment and forecast of situation in the market under competitive conditions.
  15. Negotiation, its organization and strategy of controlling.
  16. Use of security systems in companies (juridical documents systemic preparation, finding vulnerable spots in a company’s work and applied systems, their analysis and elimination).

Training organization:

  1. Organization of series of lectures about offshore companies’ work and their application to present companies’ work. Review and analysis of juridical acts regulating offshore companies’ work. Alterations in offshore companies work and their offered advantages connected with joining European Union. Possibilities to apply advantages offered by offshore companies while planning taxes.
  2. Organization and lecturing series of lectures on economic, institutions activity and placement in European Union.

Financial services:

  1. Projects of investment
  • Sources of the project’s sponsorship and the most appropriate products selecting;
  • Business plan arrangement;
  • Application forms and other necessary documents filling in order to get financial support;
  • Acting for a client in financial institutions on the purpose of financial support negotiation;
  • Coordination and administration of projects’ realization;
  • Projects’ completion.
  1. Consultations on business development in the sphere of lending:
  • Assessment of the company’s lending policy;
  • Sources of the business financial support selecting using the most appropriate financial products;
  • Credit portfolio assessment and improvement.
  1. Consultations on business development in the sphere of financial administrating:
  • Assistance on preparing plans and budgets;
  • Predicted accounts ( profit /loss accounts, balance, money flows accounts) preparation;
  • The company’s work audit.
  1. Companies’ financial expertise:
  • Companies’ financial expertise on the purpose to assess credibility of business partners seeking to start new business etc.
  1. Consultations on the company’s work reorganization:
  • The company’s work resolving, business shake-up, the company’s bankruptcy.
  1. Preparation of strategic plans;
  1. Feasibility study preparation;
  1. Investment project development;
  1. Filling in applications;